Menlo Park Innovation LLC
Menlo Park Innovation is an invention development company. Menlo Park Innovation conceives, prototypes, patents, and licenses product concepts.
Welcome to Menlo Park Innovation

Welcome to Menlo Park Innovation. Menlo Park Innovation is a product invention, development, prototyping, and licensing company.

What does this mean? This means we exist to take product concepts from ideas, through designs, prototypes, and eventually licensing/marketing as finished products.

Currently we do not take general product ideas and develop them under contract for others. We may pursue this form of invention in the future. Currently, Menlo Park Innovation has been formed to realize product ideas already in hand.

Currently we would appreciate contact with businesses who perform selective licensing, prototype, and manufacturing services. For example, in many cases invention prototypes need to be realized by a skilled machinist, welder, or firmware development. In addition, in todays world, patents and other intellectual property must be applied for, and licensed, both to, and from others. Experts in these areas are encouraged to contact us.

Finally, manufacturing and marketing will likely involve subcontracting for us, as we are not primarily focused on manufacturing space, but exist as a prototype shop.


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